Friday, October 14, 2011

Crusader 1 & 2

+++ TO: All Citizens of Formosa
+++ FROM: Inquisitor Astoraga Cespedes
+++ SUBJECT: Data entry for Inscripti
on of Crusaders

I didn't want to use the metal Crusaders, as nice as they look, mainly due to cost. Like I said before, I have loads of left over fantasy stuff lying around, and it was just perfect to whip these guys up.

They use the bodies from Brettonian men-at-Arms, Empire greatswords heads, White Wolf Knight cloaks, and one elf and one Empire sword. The storm shields are the only real 40k bit on them, that I adorned with both =][= symbols and purity seals. I also used a bit of brass rod, and what probably looks like too much, green stuff to make the swords into power weapons. I have two more of these guys to post up soon as well.



  1. I know this is WAY late ... but man I love these.

    1. Haha, thanks man. I didn't even realize this page was still up.