Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cult Mechanicus Arrival

+++ TO: All Citizens of Formosa
+++ FROM: Inquisitor Astoraga Cespedes
+++ SUBJECT: Data entry
for Inscription of Cult Mechanicus.

Now he might not be HQ, but he is the last of the independent characters in this list. Please meet my good pal, the Techmarine. Again, a very simple conversion of the current Finecast Space MarineTechmarine and his Psyber-Raven Edgar.

The only work done on him was:
  • Did a simple weapon swap to a Nemesis Warding Stave
  • Swapped out one of the servo arms with a classic plasma gun
  • Gave him a custom Psyber-Raven plucked from the WHFB Empire general kit plus a custom eye piece
  • Also added an antenna to his backpack to represent the link for the OSR
  • I do still need to add his Inquisition logo on his left knee