Sunday, October 2, 2011

Minons of the Cult Mechanicus

+++ TO: All Citizens of Formosa
+++ FROM: Inquisitor Astoraga Cespedes
+++ SUBJECT: Data entry for Inscription of Cult Mechanicus.

The first minions of the force are coming together. Nothing allspecial here, just the addition of 3 new Inqusitorial Servitors and the Servo Skulls of the Libby and the Techmarine.

For the servitors, I wanted to run them with Plasma Cannons. Two of them come from a Storm Raven I think, and one other comes from the Sentinel kit. In addition to the simple weapon swaps I added some purity seals as well as backpack decorations from the Grey Knights. I also added a wire to connect the big guns with the packs.

The servo skulls are basic, except one I modified to carry a small banner of Inquisitorial scripture. These from a number of Space Marine and IG kits. I just mounted them on some brass wire and based them to match my friend rocky table surface.


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